Book Review: Library of heaven’s path by Heng Sao Tian Ya

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Today’s review is all about novels from Asia. China to be precise. My last two reviews were also based on books from Chinese authors and you can check them later if you haven’t done that already.

Library of heaven’s path is about a young man called Zhang Xaun who died and his soul was traversed into a world of martial arts where strength is supreme. Zhang Xaun finds himself in the body of a lowly teacher who has a very bad reputation as the school trash teacher and is on the verge of losing his job if he doesn’t get any students by the end of the admission process.

Zhang Xaun’s reputation is so bad that even students who are yet to enter the school know how terrible he is but the current Zhang Xaun (the new soul) does not plan on giving up that easily. He makes up his mind about getting students even if he has to lie to get them.

After his transcending, Zhang Xaun finds a mysterious library in his mind that is capable of giving him the flaws of anything or anyone he sees or come in contact with. With this heavenly cheat library, Zhang Xaun plans on climbing up the ladder of success and will work hard to leave this present misery.

Library of heaven’s path is a fictional novel with martial arts and cultivation as the major topics. Now although it might sound boring probably because of this review, the book is actually funny most especially the main characters miserly habits.

This book can be found on Webnovel and it also has a comic book which can also be found on Webnovel. Just like my last two reviews I also know a place where you can get these books for free and all you have to do is drop a comment.

I would rate this book a 5 out of 5 as I really enjoyed it and I would recommend it to anyone. What I don’t like about the book though is the MCs exaggerating strength (although it seems nice at times) and how undefeated he is.

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Trial marriage husband: need to work hard book review by Passion Honey

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This review like the last one is also about a Chinese novel and if you haven’t read it you should or you would be missing out on an amazing review.

So this book is about another wonderful lady who goes by the name Tangning (I’m starting to wonder why most romance novels have females as the main characters. If you know a book that has a different storyline do recommend it in the comments)

Tangning is a model who retired early because she was about to get married and her fiance wanted her to focus on the family instead. Surprisingly to her, she accidentally catches him cheating a day before the wedding with another model Mo Yurou, who she gave all her jobs and sometimes even covered for her under the instructions given to her by her boss/fiance.

Turns out that Han Yufan, her fiance, never loved her and only wanted to get married to her because of her family’s wealth.

On the day of the wedding, Han Yufan stands her up with the excuse that Mo Yurou injured her legs and he had to take her to the hospital. Angry, Tangning approaches a man who is known as the king of entertainment, the number one boss in the entertainment industry and asks him to marry her because his wife-to-be was late and well they both got married.

Tangning promises to destroy everything Han Yufan and Mo Yurou have worked for but refuses to get help from her husband as it’s a small matter and does not need his intervention. Tangning also asks Mo Ting not to announce their marriage because she wasn’t up to the level to be called his wife. She now has to work hard to get back everything she’s lost and more to build her status and become worthy of standing next to Mr Mo and take the title of Mrs Mo.

Trial marriage husband is a contemporary romance novel. It is a novel about a woman’s fight to the top of her field and the obstacles faced on the way. This book has a lot of schemes, face slapping, rumours and abuse of power and status.

What I love about this book is the love shared between the Mo couple and how they support each other. I also admire Tangning’s will to stand despite the problems she faces.

I’ll rate this book 4 stars out of 5. 4 stars because although the storyline is nice, the book is kind of predictable and you know that this is going to be the outcome of a particular matter. I enjoyed the book but I don’t think it deserves 5 stars you may think otherwise.

Just like the last book I reviewed, this book also has a comic book and they can both be found on Webnovel and I can also tell you where to read the books without having to pay coins or anything to read, all you just have to do is drop a comment and I will let you in on the info.

Full marks hidden marriage: pick up a son, get a free husband book review By Jiong Jiong You Yao

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So I want to start this week with something different. All but one of my recent reviews have been about books that can be found in Wattpad and they were all fictional novels based on the Western way of life. This review however, we will be going to the Eastern side of the world.

So from my experience with reading books from Chinese writers (that’s based on what I’ve read so far), their writing style is different. From the writing style, to the many slangs unique to them, to the infusion of some of their cultures/beliefs and much more, it opens up your view about the other part of the world that you not familiar with which if you ask me is an amazing thing to experience.

Full marks hidden marriage: pick up a son, get a free husband

So this amazing book is about a beautiful lady known as Ning Xi who was switched for another female child at birth due to a mistake made by the hospital. Luckily though, the mistake was noticed after 18 years! (that’s a really long time to me) and Ning Xi had to go back to her birth parents but there was one problem. The Ning family refused to return the child they took with the excuse of loving this child too much to let go.

Talk about selfish.

Apparently, the girl who was taken by the Ning family, Ning Xueluo did not like the idea of leaving either because she happens to be allergic to poverty which her birth parents are swimming in (okay that’s an exaggeration but they were actually low class).

Although Ning Xueluo doesn’t say it directly, she pulls the “I love the Ning family too much to leave” card and it works. She is then assigned the task of helping her older sister get settled as she is not used to their life style.

Note that both girls are the same age and were born the same time but Ning Xi is the true child therefore she is automatically higher than the adopted, Ning Xueluo, making her an elder sister to Xueluo.

Xueluo knows that she will be replaced if her parents get to love Ning Xi, so she does things to make her embarrass the Ning family and make her parents dislike her. As a lady with no bottom line, Ning Xueluo goes as far as drugging her sister and arranging men to rape her but Ning Xi goes into a different room and gets pregnant for an unknown man.

So it just so happens to be that Ning Xi has a guy that she loves and tries so much to impress. So this guy, finding out what Xueluo has done decides out of the “compassion” of his heart sneaks into the room into the room and pretends to be the man that Ning Xi slept with. Ning Xi wakes up to find Su Yan and is happy that it’s someone she loves and not a stranger. She doesn’t tell her parents about it though and keeps the secret until a shocking truth breaks her world.

Seven months into the pregnancy, Ning Xi finds out from Xueluo that the she was drugged by her and that the child she so loves was for another man and not Su Yan. The funny part of all this is that Ning Xi didn’t tell Su Yan about the pregnancy until he gets back from a trip.

Ning Xi tries to get the truth from Ning Xueluo as she doesn’t believe her sister and just then Su Yan comes to her and tells her that he loves Xueluo and not her. Long story short, she walks into the road and get hot by a car and looses the baby. Her parents send her out of the country to avoid embarrassment and after five years she comes back to have her revenge.

Phew. This is the longest review I’ve written here so far πŸ™‚ but the book is definitely worth it.

Full marks hidden marriage is a book about love, secrets, revenge, movie acting as well as the struggles actors face and a cute little child 😍 and his handsome RICH father who ranks top among most eligible husband in the country!

This book is long. When I saw long I mean it but once you start reading there’s no stopping. You get hooked and just want to keep going. But if reading is not really your thing, this wonderful amazing book has a comic πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί and you can get both the novel and comic on Webnovel but if you leave me a comment I can tell you where you can get them for free without having to pay coins to read πŸ˜‰ it will be our secret 😁😁

Full marks hidden marriage is a contemporary romance book with some action and guns 🀀 my weird fantasy getting the best of me πŸ˜…. I will rate this book a 10 out of 10. It has a really good storyline, the required suspense and scenes that gives so much joy you are guaranteed to smile whenever you remember them. I will definitely recommend this book, you need to read it.

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Anonymous series book review; Painted wings (an Anastasia remix)

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We are in the sixth and final anonymous series book review; painted wings, an Anastasia remix. This is the most recent anonymous series and just like the others, it is free except for Anonymous, a Cinderella remix.

This book has action, suspense and a lot of running and bullet dodging (literally).

This book is about another girl but this time not from Sarias but Aerian, a neighbouring country of Sarias, called Iris David.

Iris is an isolated artist who loves painting and later on turned it into a means of survival. She lives alone in a small apartment and avoids calling attention to herself. Iris has always had a hunch that there is danger around and is super aware of her surroundings and well this talent of hers saved once.

Iris is hunted down by an organisation called the Circle for an identity she has no memory of. Iris’ life was pretty much boring and the same until one of her paintings brought her a LOT of trouble. She was being sorted after and luckily for her met the good guys before it was too late. Now she moves from place to place to save her life with the help of Wylan and Thad.

Wylan is what you would call a loyalist and works for the Crown. He has been trained by his father from a young age. He is like a spy for the Crown with the mission of finding the missing princess before the circle gets to get first. There have been some guesses but none had been successful they are running out of time and their only hope now is on Iris as they pray to the stars that she’s the one.

Wylan along with Thad and the help of Wylan’s sister (you can call their job a family business of protecting the Crown) are able to narrowly escape from the Circle but will their luck be enough to save the kingdom most especially when the only way to confirm her identity is being guarded by Iris and she is not going to comply without a good explanation.

Painted wings is a teen fiction book, with a hint of thriller and a dash of romance and some action to season it. Like I said earlier it has action and somewhat ignited a passion for wanting to know how to use a gun.

I would rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars, that will be all for this week. Until next week, have a wonderful weekend 😘😘

Anonymous series book review; Snow (a snow white remix)

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So we are down to the fifth book in the anonymous series; Snow, a snow white remix.

This book is about a music writer called Nora and one of the Leonger brothers, Eli.

Nora lives with her stepmom and stepsister. Her dad Mr Davis committed suicide and was found by Nora leaving her greatly traumatized by the incident. She now has to write and compose songs and run Musetunes accounts for her stepsister and the children of her stepmom’s friends if she wants to live in peace.

Nora’s life is practically like that of Disney’s snow white except for the fact that her seven dwarfs are more of seven slave masters and the only reason she’s still alive and around is because of her talent and the property under her name. She is overworked with no pay, maltreated, traumatized and considered weird because of how she gets her music tunes (you’ll understand this better when you read the book).

Nora has a hard time juggling her studies, song making and Musetunes management most especially when the owners of the account try to mess things up for her.

Eli on the other hand is trying to keep a low profile which is impossible considering the fact that he’s the brother-in-law to the crowned prince and also a popular Musetunes artist. He struggles with finding true friends and just needs some space to himself.

Eli meets Not,a in the library when one day as she was reading. He decided to share a table with her and was surprised when she asked him to keep dropping his books on the table because she wanted to get the sound on tape. And well as you may guess our beloved Eli took interest in Nora and they both became friends, as for the rest you can find out more about it in the book. I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Snow has a lot of emotional triggers. I remember how I would have to stop myself from reading it because of how I was reacting to certain chapters of the book. I could literally feel and relate to the emotions and would get angry or sad for no reason. But then just like in the previous books, there are warnings before such chapters.

This book is sure 10/10 and is one of my favourite books in the anonymous series. I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in books.

This book mentions suicide and the aftermath of it, therefore I would like to say this to those who are going through a rough time and things are hard for you, suicide isn’t the answer to your problems and before you decide whether you want to take your life try to think of how your decision can affect those who love you and are around you. Would they want this for you? Ending your life won’t solve the problem it only makes the people or person you love suffer.

Please we should all watch our emotional and mental health because they are very important to us. Once in a while you need to survey your life and cut off things that affect you negatively.

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Anonymous series book review; The Initiative (a sleeping beauty remix)

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So we are in the third Anonymous series book; The Initiative, a sleeping beauty remix and one thing I can assure you of is that this book is filled with action.

There is fighting, explosions, amazing abilities in action that makes you want to have powers and commander Jackson Leonger’s (Chloe/Elizabeth’s older brother from anonymous) team.

The initiative is about a girl called Aria Lewis who was put to sleep for 16 years after a mission went wrong.

The Initiative is a special group of young aces whose job is to protect Sarias from the people trying to destroy the kingdom. I like to refer to them as people of the dark. 😁😁

16 years of sleep, 16 years of lost knowledge. Aria has a lot of catching up to do most especially when technology has advanced and things are now different from the way they were 16 years ago.

Childish? I know but you can’t always be too serious in life.

Aria now has a new team, with new aces different from the people she’s used to. Her mate, who is now the team captain has to be tough towards her to avoid being biased which makes her feel uncomfortable.

The team members destined are either dead, arrested or not yet found, making some of her teammates jealous of her relationship with her destined. Aria now has to get along with her team members and forgive her mate for what he did 16 years ago while trying to get back to her normal strength and avoid making the same mistake that almost cost her her life.

πŸ˜“ talk about difficult life.

Trying to balance all these and more Aria has a lot to face and learn. Will she be able to balance it all

The initiative is an intense book that I would classify under the thriller genre. Like I said before it has a lot of action unlike the recent books in this series.

I will rate this book 4.5 stars. 4.5 because of the wonderful storyline and well-written script but I find some parts confusing. It might be a 5 for you but if not for me.

If you are a fan of action and thriller books then you will enjoy The Initiative.

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Anonymous series book review; Cavenaugh tower (a Rapunzel remix) by Cayleigh G. Kennedy

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So we are in the third Anonymous series, Cavenaugh tower and this book can be read alone but it’s better to read the books before this. You can find the reviews for those in my previous blog posts. So let’s get into this book 😁

Cavenaugh tower ( a Rapunzel remix)

Kamree Philips, is a hardworking lady who has to take care of her only family, her younger sister Paisley, after she leaves her father’s abusive home when she was old enough to do so.

Kamree didn’t have time to fall in love or sing like most Sarians would, her focus was on making sure that Paisley gets a better childhood than she did and although she didn’t have much she was willing to work extra just so that Paisley could be happy.

Daxton Cavenaugh on the other hand was a rich young man who was set to inherit his father’s music industry and was basically controlled by him. His life had been planned out for him and he even had a contract marriage planned on his behalf.

Now despite Sarians believing in having a destined, not all were eager to look for their while some didn’t believe that love was real like Kamree. After her mom’s death, her father got violent with her and would blame 12-year-old Kamree for it, making her doubt that love exists.

She believed that if her parents were soul mates then why treat her and her sister the way he did?

Kamree worked at Cavenaugh production inc. where she worked as an intern and assistant to the heir of the company, Daxton Cavenaugh.

Kamree gives her all in this job and her life seems ok until when she is threatened with losing her sister to child services and has no other option but to compromise and live with her boss until she gets clear of suspicion.

And well I don’t think you need to be a psychic to know how things will go 😏 but will Daxton be able to get Kamree to accept him knowing her thoughts on love and his unbreakable contract marriage to a lady that I promise you will make you wish you had the power to jump into the book and strangle her.

Like uggghhhhhh 😀

So I will rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars. It has some suspense scenes, emotional triggers (there are warnings for these at the beginning of such chapters), and a little bit of romance that warms you and shows you care for a loved one at its peak (≧▽≦)

This book like others can be found on Wattpad and unlike anonymous, it is free except for the bonus chapter at the end of the book.

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The Anonymous series book review; keeping secrets (an anonymous novella) by Cayleigh G. Kennedy

Hello book lovers.

So this review is a direct sequel to Anonymous, a Cinderella remix and can be considered as the continuation of Anonymous.

Therefore this review may confuse you as there will be interchanging of names for Chloe Leighton and it will contain spoilers for those who are interested in reading Anonymous.

So after Chloe finds out about her real family and identity as the crowned prince’s destined partner, she moves into the castle to be with her destined and changes her name to Elizabeth.

Chloe, now living in the palace with her dad and three brothers have to adjust to a new lifestyle and is even assigned a personal assistant to keep records and help her get used to her new life.

Just as Elizabeth starts getting used to her new life, a new problem arises. She finds out that she has a stalker 😱 and not just a normal stalker but someone who can get through to her secured phone and is even able to steal her clothes 😬 (talk about a freak) from the palace!

Creepy. I know πŸ˜‘

Chloe starts receiving threatening messages telling her to leave out prince Ethan unless she wants him to die. Chloe out of fear keeps these threats a secret from her destined and therefore the name; keeping secrets.

This book is really beautiful and I will rate it an 8 out of 10.

I love the expression of emotions, it makes you have this connection with the characters and you can relate to the feelings in the book.

So bye for now. I’ll see you again next week.

The Anonymous series; anonymous (a Cinderella remix) book review by Cayleigh G. Kennedy

Hey book lovers. I will be writing reviews on one of my favourite books on Wattpad, the anonymous series.

The anonymous series has a total of 6 books and 2 bonus books 😍

  1. Anonymous (a Cinderella remix)
  2. Keeping secrets ( an anonymous novella)
  3. Cavenaugh tower (a Rapunzel remix)
  4. The initiative (a sleeping beauty remix)
  5. Snow (a snow white remix)
  6. Painted wings (an Anastasia remix)

The bonus books are;

  • An anonymous Christmas
  • An anonymous vacation

These books are available on Wattpad and can be read alone but it is advisable to read all series accordingly as references are made to characters from recent books.

So let’s begin 😁

Anonymous ( a Cinderella remix)

Music was the backbone of every ace in the kingdom of Sarias. Music was what brought in more money every year than technology. It is what you can call their way of life.

In Sarias, the citizens were called aces because of the unique birthmarks that they all had. Everyone had a different ace mark but family members had a sign that was common to the family members.

Chloe Leighton lives with her father and stepsister Danika who is a famous singer. Her father had a biased treatment for Danika and well Chloe being the less loved child was treated like a servant.

She wasn’t allowed to sing (which she had a passion for) or make herself known or even be noticed by anyone. Her father did anything possible to hide her from the public and would punish her if she did anything to disobey that order.

Chloe went into music but used the name @nonymous because that was what she wanted, to be anonymous. Her best friend Jason was the only one who knew about this secret identity but in future did something that no one has ever done changing Chloe’s life forever.

Prince Ethan on the other hand has been in search of his mate who was kidnapped from the castle when she was just a baby. All the efforts of the guards and her family have been futile until an unusual action was made that changed the norm in the kingdom of Sarias.

Anonymous is a fictional novel with some romance in it 😏. It has plots that you can relate to and at times makes you want to jump in and be the hero πŸ˜‚πŸ€£. It has some emotional triggers and there are warnings before such chapters.

I will rate this book a 7 out of 5 stars πŸ˜‚ that’s how good it is. I will recommend this book to any novel reader.

Do note that Anonymous, a Cinderella remix is a paid book and it’s a way of supporting the author and telling her to keep up the good work.

It can be found only on Wattpad and any other site having this book should be reported for plagiarism.

Sorry for the late update.